Example Web ApplicationΒΆ

The following code provides a simple example for using the

import sprockets.http
import sprockets_postgres as postgres
from sprockets.http import app

class RequestHandler(postgres.RequestHandlerMixin, web.RequestHandler):

    GET_SQL = """\
    SELECT foo_id, bar, baz, qux
      FROM public.foo
     WHERE foo_id = %(foo_id)s;"""

    async def get(self, foo_id: str) -> None:
        result = await self.postgres_execute(self.GET_SQL, {'foo_id': foo_id})
        await self.finish(result.row)

class Application(postgres.ApplicationMixin, app.Application):
    The :class:`sprockets_postgres.ApplicationMixin` provides the foundation
    for the :class:`sprockets_postgres.RequestHandlerMixin` to properly function
    and will automatically setup the pool to connect to PostgreSQL and will
    shutdown the connections cleanly when the application stops.

    It should be used in conjunction with :class:`sprockets.http.app.Application`
    and not directly with :class:`tornado.web.Application`.


def make_app(**settings):
    return Application([
       web.url(r'/foo/(?P<foo_id>.*)', FooRequestHandler)
    ], **settings)

if __name__ == '__main__':